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It’s Good To Be The King

Friday, October 30th, 2009

King’s Lead Hat, another Brian Eno vocal classic is an anagram for ‘Talking Heads’. Not only was Brian obsessed with what was then these new New Wave upstarts, he would later go on to produce them as well and in the process dragging lead head David Byrne away for the sublime My Life in The Bush of Ghosts (much to the others chagrin.)

Starting off with my personal fave we have Detroits’ The Dirtbombs, which includes some odd little tangent of intro dialog. 80s synthpop staple Ultravox apparently used to love rounding out the end their live sets with it, as evidenced by the plethora of live versions included today. Data-Bank-A goes semi industrial and Manishevitz is well, probably what Manishevitz is to real wine.


Baby, Come Back

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

So I’m going to try a little experiment. For the last 11 months or so the Stotch mailbox has been filled with many a ‘Please come back’. And while I missed doing VG so very terribly, my tiny little feelings get hurt real easily (like when Blogger starts deleting your posts). So I’m going to give it another go and see how it pans.

New rule unfortunately is VG isn’t going to be a daily-ish affair as Leopold’s got a day job he’d like to keep. That said expect the same usual cover goodness.

I figured since this is a rebirth of sorts I’d re-tackle my very first post, Jacob Miller‘s Baby I Love You So, a perennial Stotch desert island track (if that island was Jamaica of course). Just as perennial is my favorite cover version of it by the long defunct Colourbox; the 4AD dancefloor anomaly who would later be spotted Pumping up the Volume as 2/6 of MARRS. Be sure not to miss all the great Escape from New York samples. I’ve also included the Radikal Roots Re-Edit version.

This time around I’m also including a few other versions. Jamaican music masters abound with versions from Joe Gibbs, Sly Dunbar, Ernest Ranglin, and Augustus Pablo who revisits his old audio alma matter with Dawn Penn.

Versions, I love you so.

Colourbox – Baby I Love You So [12inch]

Colourbox – Baby I Love You So [Radikal Roots Re-Edit]

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Chapter Three

Sly Dunbar – Rasta Fiesta

Ernest Ranglin – King Tubby Meets The Rockers

Dawn Penn with Augustus Pablo – Night & Day (Baby I Love You So)