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In Vini Veritas

God: Vini Reilly, by the way, is way overdue a revival.
You might think about a greatest hits.
Tony Wilson: It’s a good idea.
God: It’s good music to chill out to.
Tony Wilson:Yeah, you’re right.
God: I usually am.
~ 24 Hour Party People

Regarding today’s post; I don’t know if you know who Vini Reilly is. Maybe you do or maybe you don’t (but don’t know that you do), but in case you don’t he is simply one of the finest guitarists that ever graced this world we call……….earth. (Sorry couldn’t resist throwing in the Alan Partridge reference 🙂 ).
So fuck your Stevie Ray Vaughans, your Vais, your Satrianis and double (skull) fuck your Eric Clapton, here’s a bluffer’s guide to Durutti Column:

° Formed in 1978, The Durutti Column is essentially the solo project of guitarist Vini Reilly and is among one of the earliest acts on Factory Records (next to Joy Division and Cabaret Voltaire.)

° His first album, the ironically titled The Return Of The Durutti Column, was constructed of sandpaper, designed to destroy whatever record sat next to it on the shelf. It also has the dubious distinction of being hand assembled by a then out of work Joy Division.

° Was often produced by Martin Hannett (Joy Divison, U2, The Buzzcocks) who would often integrate field recordings of elevators and birds.

° Was best mates with, championed, and sometimes managed by the late Tony Wilson. Vini would later eulogize him with A Paean To Wilson.

° Was Morrissey’s guitartist for (and for the most part wrote), Viva Hate.

° His song Otis was featured (played to deaf ears?) in an AT&T commercial here in the US.

° Fans include John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers who called him “The best guitarist in the world”, Brian Eno (The album LC is one of Eno’s ‘All time favorites’) and…ah…pornstar and part time Steven Soderbergh muse Sasha Grey.

Also a fan is neo acid folk act Espers, who are one of only two people thus far brave enough to cover Durutti (The other being Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore). Here they are with their cover of Tomorrow.

Espers – Tomorrow


PS Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub, got the original hanging on the wall for ya…

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4 Responses to “In Vini Veritas”

  1. Chooky Says:

    Actually it was the AT&T commercial that helped me find out about the band. So not entirely deaf ears.

  2. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Wow that’s friggin awesome.
    I was already big fan when the AT&T commercial was airing but I do remember completely freaking out when I heard ‘Otis’ playing on TV and thinking ‘wow someone at AT&T gets it’.
    Which of course in actuality it was their ad agency that ‘got’ it.

  3. Giles Says:

    Actually it was Pacific Bell. The kayaker paddling in the ocean. Every time I’m out in mine I hear the song.
    The DC opened for New Order in Irvine circa 1985. Next night they played at The Roxy on Hollywood Blvd. The only times I saw him play. A week won’t go by without me listening to The Durutti Column.

  4. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Hey Giles

    You’re right! I seem to remember the opening was a helicopter shot going over the coast. Sort of like you, whenever I drive along the coast (esp when I’m up in Northern California) all I can hear is ‘Otis’.
    You saw them! Lucky bastard. I was to young probably to get into that show. It’s doubtful that he’ll return. From what I hear he’s petrified of flying.
    Anyway I’m a fanatic for DC too, he’s been on constant rotation on my stereo for, jeez, almost 28 years?!?!?!
    ‘Sketch for Summer’ will probably either be my wedding song or my funeral dirge (or both!)

    BTW I collect DC bootlegs as well and I may have that Irvine or Roxy show somewhere.

    PS looky what I found:
    looks like it was 86′!

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