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Foxx Huntin’

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

On a short leash again today (what’s new right?) but here’s a quickie; two covers of original junkyard funk masterpiece the Sanford And Son Theme (AKA The Streetbeater) by Quincy Jones. So getting even funkier with the drums and organ is a 70s soul jazz version by Bobby Forrester and a short (very short) but sweet human beatbox cut from One Life Crew.

Bobby Forrester – Sanford And Son
One Life Crew – Sanford And Son Beatbox



Seal Clubbing

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Long before Crazy, and even longer before Heidi You’re-Out Klum, Seal had a minor hit with acid house guru and keyboard whiz Adamski.
Ironically, even though the big record Co.s were grooming Adamski to be acid house’s first pop pin up, it was his then unknown guest vocalist on 1990’s Killer who would shortly eclipse him and go one to be a worldwide phenomena (and subsequently later re-record Killer in his own image).
In a testament to either the timelessness of acid house, Adamski or Mr. Klum, there are scores of Killers about. While most of them were of the crap trance variety (or is that just redundant?) here’s a few Versions approved cuts:
Curv kick off with a breezy lounge/acoustic cover, followed by Scottish indie darlings Sons and Daughters. Putting the ‘minimal’ back in minimal techno is Freiland AKA the quietly enigmatic Wolfgang Voigt (AKA Gas AKA Mike Ink AKA Dextro et al etc etc.). There was also a not half babe UK pop/R&B cover from the Sugababes and good for a laugh is Angel Dust‘s Metallica-ized version.

Curv (Feat. Knixx) – Killer
Sons and Daughters – Killer
Freiland – Schwarz 3 (AKA Killer)
Sugababes – Killer
Angel Dust – Killer


PS Those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub lookin to rave like it’s 1990, got the original on the wall for y’all…

Flashback Friday:Hey I’m Walking Here…

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Flashback Friday again and this time I managed to assemble a tidy addendum to my 2008 post on Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed.
Really diggin this fairly basic indie/mandolin version from Australia’s late Yves Klein Blue as well a a great French avant garde jazz cover by Le Tigre des Platanes. More jazzier cuts abound from Japanese nu-jazz outfit RF, another by RDM featuring Editors oddly enough on vocals, and Pink Turtle returns with another swinging Cotton Club/Cabaret rendition. Taking a walk on the weird side is an experimental glitchy electronic version from Pretty Beuys. And lastly a pair of relics; an 80s R&B/Freestyle one from Company B (yes the ones that sang Fascinated!) and a 70s moog inflected one from Australia’s answer to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reg Livermore AKA The Betty Blokk Buster Follies.

Yves Klein Blue – Walk On The Wild Side
Le Tigre des Platanes – Walk On The Wild Side
RF – Walk On The Wild Side
RDM featuring Editors – Walk On The Wild Side
Pink Turtle – Walk On The Wild Side
Pretty Beuys – Walk On The Wild Side
Company B – Walk On The Wild Side
Reg Livermore AKA The Betty Blokk Buster Follies – Walk On The Wild Side

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PS For my more nu-disco minded friends of Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub have a nice little re-edit/remix on the wall for y’all…


The Daily Grind

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Remember these guys? Chances are that you may possibly recognize the guy in the middle as Robert Smith. Today however under the the layers of Tammy Faye Bakker worthy makeup and after such pop claptrap like Why Can’t I Be You or even their sublime moments like, well, the entire Faith album, it’s hard to remember that The Cure used to be a fun little post-punk garage band. So while people are still fawning, or yawning, over Dinosaur Jr’s Just Like Heaven being like OMG the bestest cover in the entire universe, here’s something for the rest of us; four versions of The Cure’s long forgotten single Grinding Halt. One acapella (mit Casio!) version from Popchor Berlin and three indie/punk cuts by The Death Set, The Soft Pack (aka The Muslims) and France’s The Aggravation.

Popchor Berlin – Grinding Halt
The Death Set – Grinding Halt
The Soft Pack – Grinding Halt
The Aggravation – Grinding Halt


PS Those Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub needing a memory jog, original Grind on the wall for you…


Logical Behavior

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Were Supertramp prog? Judging by the above photo I think at some point they were. What I do know however is that during the late 70s/early 80s I always used to refer to them, and bands like Foreigner, Air Supply, REO Speedwagon, Survivor, Journey etc., as Members Only rock. Not quite metal yet not quite adult contemporary either, I seem to recall that they all paradoxically bridged the gap between two much maligned groups of my pre-adolescent years; stoners and my parents. Both of whome loved singing along to them loudly whilst driving their late 70s model Ford Mustangs. Stylistically it’s unifying force was this look based around it’s feathered golden boy Steve Perry (of Journey fame); tight red jeans, Members Only jacket (bonus if sleeves were rolled up to elbows), large black or brown jock-ish trainers, pastel tank top (bonus if it said something anachronistic like ‘PUNK!’ in brush script), hair feathered and parted in the middle, and the piece de resistance: Goody comb in back pocket. Oh and if you were the keyboard player add square knitted tie (loose with top button undone) and those oversized nerd/secretary glasses so in vogue with all the American Apparel girls these days.
I do however have a soft spot for Supertramp’s Logical Song however and today we got 6 handpicked covers for you. Inspiration for today’s post definitely came after hearing the Gomma label’s Rodion and their neo Italo/Cosmic Disco cut. Also busting out the synths, albeit in a cheeky lo-fi fashion were King Of Japan. Even cheekier than that is a swing/ragtime band rendition by Pink Turtle. For the indie set there is both Hell On Wheels and Australia’s Miami Horror (who’ve been opening for Phoenix and La Roux as of late). And lastly from 1979 there was a parody version by The Barron Knights based around the oil crisis of the 70s called The Topical Song, which, given today’s climate, is probably less topically ha-ha, but kinda more topically sad.

Rodion – The Logical Song
King of Japan – The Logical Song
Pink Turtle – The Logical Song
Miami Horror – The Logical Song
Hell On Wheels – The Logical Song
The Barron Knights – The Topical Song


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Flashback Friday:Lunacy

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Back in 2008 I did a small post on Fun Boy Three by some not-half-bad electro goth band (I usually loathe that goth crap), but fast forwarding to now there are 3 more covers of 80s cold war crisis track The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum). The Fun Boy Three were esoteric, sure, but in their not-too-previous life they were the three main components of  legendary second wave ska act The Specials. But freshly exited from Ghost Town,  FB3 brought with them the cynicism and paranoia from their previous career and channeled it into an experimental fusion of dark percussive Nyabinghi, blue-eyed soul and cabaret jazz. Yet they were no strangers to outright pop either, having enlisted the likes of The Go-Gos (Our Lips Are Sealed) and Bananarama (T’aint What You Do) along the way.
Today we got a hat trick of great covers this time round with a bumping electro version by 2 Bears (aka Raf Rundell and Joe Goddard of Hot Chip fame), a mariachi(!!) rendition by Los De Abajo (featuring FB3’s Neville Staples!), and a dubby downtempo cut by Ollo.

The 2 Bears – The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)
Los De Abajo – The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)
Ollo – The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)

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Big Mama’s House

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Godmother of R&B Willie Mae Thornton AKA Big Mama Thornton was bestowed that title not only for her robust size but also for her booming voice and even larger than than life character. She was known to intimidate her aloof record label when necessary (“Motherfuckers, WHERE is my money?”) and even threatened to kick Elvis’ ass once when his version of Hound Dog (which she allegedly co-wrote with Lieber & Stoller) trumped her original in the charts. There was always a bottle of booze and a pistol in her purse and even the infamous racist cops of the South knew to keep their distance.
Musically speaking, she is primarily know for the above mentioned Hound Dog, However I’ve always been a bigger fan of her other classic co-penned Lieber & Stoller hit, I Smell A Rat.
Kicking off is a wailin’ R&B cover and one of the first (1954) by Young Jessie. Without R&B there’d be no Rockabilly and The Montesas, T-Bird Gang, Wigsville Spliffs, Country Cattin’, The Playboys and Pink Slip Daddy all pay tribute with some swinging versions.
We also have some more swamp rock and R&B cuts from King Salami & the Cumberland Three, Barrence Whitfield And The Savages and a not half bad one from Patty Griffin.

Young Jessie – I Smell A Rat

The Montesas – I Smell A Rat
T-Bird Gang – I Smell A Rat
Wigsville Spliffs – I Smell A Rat
Country Cattin’ – I Smell A Rat
The Playboys – I Smell A Rat
Pink Slip Daddy – I Smell A Rat

King Salami & the Cumberland Three – I Smell A Rat
Barrence Whitfield And The Savages – I Smell A Rat
Patty Griffin – I Smell A Rat


PS Those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub, nothing sounds quite like the original and if you haven’t heard it there’s one waiting for you on the wall…


Pump It Up

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Another one of those dance ditties that blared nonstop out of my Hyundai speakers during the summer of 89′ (on Cassingle no less), Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic. Top pumper today by a long shot is FM Belfast (who are technically from Iceland), and their cheeky lo-fi, Chicks on Vicodin version. The Lost Fingers do a swingin, gypsy guitar cover that pumps up the Django. Those looking to cut a rug will dig the blown out, dirty disco rendition by Tenderlions, and barring that there was also an indie cut courtesy of Norton.

FM Belfast – Pump Up The Jam
The Lost Fingers – Pump Up The Jam
Tenderlions – Pump Up The Jam
Norton – Pump Up The Jam



Friday, June 10th, 2011

Got inspired to whip out today’s post, Walking On The Moon by The Police, after hearing Acusmatic Group‘s cinematic, dub n’ flute, Blaxsploitation cover. I can already think of at least three regular Versions Galore reading DJs that’ll be throwing it into their summer funk mixes. Also dubbing the original into outta space are DubXanne (a reggae Police project) and Jamaica’s dynamic duo Sly & Robbie (feat. Ambilique).

Acusmatic Group – Walking On The Moon
DubXanne – Walking On The Moon
Sly & Robbie feat Ambilique – Walking On The Moon


Revenge of the N.E.R.D.s

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Vyvienne Long, whom you may remember from a while back from her stellar
cover of Seven Nation Army, today further funkifies Pharrell by tackling
She Wants To Move by N.E.R.D. with piano and cellos a blazing.
(FYI here retitled He Wants To Move).

Vyvienne Long – He Wants To Move
Vyvienne Long – He Wants To Move (St James Chapel, Dingle 2005)


Pretty Fly

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Y’know, I wore a lot of questionable/random shirts in my early teens. And those stylistic choices more often than not guaranteed all sorts of unwanted attention. It was as if whenever I left the house I wore a giant neon sign on me that said ‘Will Dress For Insults’. When I wore Hawaiian shirts: “Nice shirt F-GG-T! Where’s Tubbs?!?!?!”, a Peter Tosh T-shirt: “Take a bath ya HIPPY!”, a Maui & Sons shirt: “Surf’s Up KOOK!”, a Morrissey shirt:“Oh boo hoo, just go KILL yourself already ya big girl’s blouse!”: my Alien Sex Fiend shirt “WHAT IN GOD’S GOOD NAME…Sir please get THE HELL out of our restaurant/store/county, we don’t want your business”.
Thankfully, and somewhat oddly, there was one shirt in my arsenal that totally elicited the complete opposite effect; my Cramps ‘Bad Music For Bad People’ shirt (which looked something like this). With the pompadour, googly eyes, a menstrual-tastic band name and the ‘bad people’ tag one would think this would be a heckler’s buffet table. Yet instead from the unlikeliest of sources I would get; mini head nod from the record store clerk “Cool shirt, bro”, hesher wearing a Zeppelin tee “Whoah, that’s badass dude, Maiden RULES!!!”, old man on the bus “Say that’s a neat shirt son. Did I ever tell you about the time I met Boris Karlof…”. In fact it was also that very Cramps shirt that I  singlehandedly credit to helping the nerdy young me lose my virginity to some hot, older (sophomore in HS) rocker girl “Omygod I just LOOOOOOOVE your shirt!”. And for all those reasons, most likely the latter, I must have worn that magical shirt from 8th grade down to it’s last stinky, sweat-stained thread by freshmen year at college.
Funny enough years later, while working for some well known street artist with presidential pull, I was able to design a tribute of sorts to my long lost friend…
Yes but did you dig The Cramps? But of course, and still do. Besides being the the original king (RIP Lux Interior) and queen of covers, nary a day goes by without me still singing some of their own homespun compositions like Surfin’ Dead, Garbageman or today’s pestilent cover ditty, Human Fly.
As you’ll notice below, I love every cover blog’s wet dream, Nouvelle Vague and their clunky, western-ish version. FYI they love to go all out when they play it live some be sure grab a couple (or all) of those. There was also another French femme fatal, Dragibus as well as two more female fronted electronic cuts from late great Output Records‘ loudish Sonovac and an even louder Anakissed/Parasite.
Also off the beaten path is a Hammond/Wurlitzer-sounding driven garage instrumental from Das Aldi Combo. Kudos to The Horse Flies who take off into even more uncharted territory with some experimental Americana/bluegrass takes. Somewhat on that same tip is two Tom Waits meets Jon Spencer in the swamp renditions from Harp Explosion and The Dead Brothers.
The next pair may sound redundant but Ubangi 4 and Mad Sin inject a bit more rockabilly/psychobilly in their Flys than their predecessor.
And at the tail end of the life span here we have a few standard garage cuts from The Cavemen, Crestfallen, Fuzztones, Steve Wynn (ex-Dream Syndicate) and Supernaut as well as some predictably louder, thrashier, covers from Blessure Grave, Halo of Flies and K.G.G.M.

Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Amsterdam 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Aula Magna 2007)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Barcelona 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Birmingham 2007)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Bordeaux 2010)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Dortmund 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Dresden 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Live Acoustic 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Live iTunes Session)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Manchester 2007)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Montpellier 2006)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Paris 2006)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Paris 2007)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Rome 2010)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Salt Lake City 2010)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Stockholm 2008)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Strasbourg 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Studio 105 Live Session 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Tivoli 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Vienna 2009)
Dragibus – Human Fly
Sonovac – Human Fly
Anakissed/Parasite – Human Fly

Das Aldi Combo – Human Fly
The Horse Flies – Human Fly
The Horse Flies – Human Fly (Live)
Harp Explosion – Human Fly
The Dead Brothers – Human Fly

Ubangi 4 – Human Fly
Mad Sin – Human Fly

The Cavemen – Human Fly
Crestfallen – Human Fly
Fuzztones – Human Fly (Live)
Steve Wynn – Human Fly
Supernaut – Human Fly

Blessure Grave – Human Fly
Halo of Flies – Human Fly
K.G.G.M. – Human Fly


PS Original Fly for those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub, you know where to look…


Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

“In these times of hate and pain. We need a remedy to take us from the rain. Jealousy, a little greed. I’ve been thinking of what I need….I Need A Freak!”

That little piece of modern day wisdom comes from classic slab of libidinal charged electrofunk (and partial NYC No-Wave crossover) I Need A Freak by Sexual Harrassment. For years it had pretty much languished as an obscure dj cult classic until a recent renaissance of sorts brought it back into the light (mostly via Andrew Weatherall, who had began dropping it into his sets a few years back.)
Straight out of Cleveland, Ohio, Sexual Harrassment was the brainchild of WZAK Radio DJ, Lynn Tolliver, who gathered a little over a dozen session players to construct Sexual’s full length LP I Need a Freak in 1983 (though the single itself was released on 7″ a year previous in 1982).
As far as the content, well, I’ll let Tolliver exapand “As you well know, all of the songs on the album are sexually based. I learned as a youngster, sex sells! The things that are rated the worst – violence, horror and sex – are the things people want to see or hear about. Good news and good stories don’t draw flies, you have to have a little ‘shit’ in the game to get a following.”
So given how obscure I Need A Freak is/was I was pleasantly surprised to see so many covers. Freakiest ones of the lot are a hot off the presses new one from Sweat.X, a female vox-ed version from electro hotties Electrocute and a rare one from Topcat.
Also have some fresh, slightly higher BPM tech cuts from Swag, Falko Brocksieper and Chicago’s “Legendary” Steve Poindexter.
One can only imagine that the original electro freak himself, Egyptian Lover, probably still lies awake at night cursing loudly “Damn, wish I thoughta that!”. There was also more hip-hop coverage from Too Short and Nemesis.
And lastly, and this one may be stretching it a bit, is a golden age (1988) house version of Freak by S.L.Y., who fuse theirs with a cover of Diana Ross’ Love Hangover.

Sweat.X – I Need A Freak
Electrocute – I Need A Freak
Topcat – I Need A Freak
Swag – I Need A Freak
Falko Brocksieper – I Need A Freak
Steve Poindexter – I Need A Freak
Egyptian Lover – I Need A Freak
Too Short –I Need A Freak
Nemesis – I Need A Freak
S.L.Y. – I Need A Freak


PS For those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub who didn’t have this in their record crate back in the day, or are sadly too young too even know what a record is, got the original (plus a remix) on the wall for you…