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Dammit Janet

You know what is serious blackmail material? Having a friend who is now a minor league MMA/Ultimate fighter, but in his past life was one of the ‘Nasty Boy’ dancers in Janet Jackson‘s Nasty video. That said I’d probably get a serious roundhouse to the chops if I squealed. So until I get a better dental plan, I’m keeping mum (and well away from the fucking Octagon). But speaking of Janet, got two covers of Ms. Jackson’s Nasty for you today; a homegrown funk version by Philly’s Big Pimp Jones (from the always groove-tastic Freestyle label.) and a good-for-laugh campy bad 80s r&b cut from the normally shrill-rocking Killdozer.

Big Pimp Jones – Nasty
Killdozer – Nasty


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