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A Love From Outer Space

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

The late avant-jazz experimentalist and all around funky space captain, Sun Ra, gets the cover treatment today. Primarily known for his  Egypt-meets-intergalactic-travel outfits, album covers and outsider music his influence extends well past just the realms of jazz. A truncated and disparate crib sheet of self-proclaimed disciples could include Spiritualized, AR Kane, My Bloody Valentine, early Pink Floyd, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Gilles Peterson, Blur, the Editors as well as old school hip-hoppers Egyptian Lover, Afrika Bambatta and funkateers Parliament all but outright plundering his cosmic pharaoh style.
While he was usually taking jazz to where no man’s gone before with his avant garde improvisations, he was also known to occasionally come back down to earth to pen the sublime love sonnet and today’s satellite, Love In Outer Space, is no exception. Channeling their inner Ra today are Warp’s Jimi Tenor and NY’s Belle Boussole who effortlessly keep the soul intact on their electronic/downtempo versions. Somewhere, out beyond Pluto, Sun Ra is grinning ear to ear.

Jimi Tenor – Love In Outta Space
Belle Boussole – Love In Outer Space


PS Original versions for would be astronauts of Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub on the wall…

Let Me Be Pacific

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

To the loyal Versions readers who have noticed the large blocks of time in between posts these days (as well as many unfortunately  unanswered emails) I’ve been hard at work on a big side project the last 4 months. But the absentee landlord does have a, very long-winded, explanation.
Despite being immersed in west coast culture all my life, sadly I can’t skate, I can barely surf and I don’t cycle (motor, fixie or otherwise). This was thanks in no large part to an overprotective mother, who wouldn’t let me near a butter knife until I was 12 (no joke), let alone letting me enjoy any of the above ‘death traps’. So most of my youth was spent decked out in my JimmyZ shorts and Maui & Sons tees but with my wings pretty much clipped, all while having to endure watching my friends get to do ‘ollies’, ‘cutbacks’ or even taking their BMXs on any sweet jumps.
For better or for worse all my energy would get channeled into the art and music. I became an avid collector of west coast punk, surf, reggae and electro-funk. And whenever someone needed a Bones Brigade or Suicidal Tendencies skull on the back of their jacket, I was their guy.
So what’s changed? Nada far as I can tell. The day job is a pleasant mix of design, illustration,‘street art’ and the occasional streetwear graphic, all of which brings me full circle to my point. I’m proud to have launched a new magazine: WESTERN CIV, dedicated to the best in ‘ride culture’ AKA skate, surf, cars and cycling (motor, fixie or otherwise). Ironically enough wings are still clipped.
And of course there’s still music, bringing me to today’s post. UK techno classic Pacific 202 by 808 State gets a cheeky instrumental surf guitar retrofitting by Germany’s Dauerfisch. Also thrown in for brilliant measure is an orchestrated version by the genius that is Jeremy Deller and his Williams Fairey Brass Band project.

Dauerfisch – Pacific 202
The Williams Fairey Brass Band – Pacific 202


PS For those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub who think ‘Balearic’ is a character from Lord of The Rings, got the original Pacific on the wall for you…

PPS And for those of you who skate, surf, cycle and drive better than me (AKA all of you), drop by at my new project at WESTERN CIV


Flashback Friday:Shadowplay

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Straight outta of Indianapolis, Indiana comes a bold contender to our earlier post on DJ Shadow.
K. Sabroso weds a haunting Wurlitzer sound to a relentless jazz breakbeat for his take on Shadow’s Organ Donor. Downtempo for out of control merry-go-rounds…

K. Sabroso – Organ Donor

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PS Those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub wishing to be transported back to a time when Trip-Hop wasn’t a dirty word (AKA the summer of 94′) got the original Shadow, as well a bonus re-edit, on the wall for you…