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Same As It Ever Was…

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Apologies if I’ve upset the nest by going on a necessary, but futile, diversion.
As always, dalliances with side project mistresses only seem to leave me feeling guilty, somewhat unsatisfied, and a with burning sensation in my most sensitive of areas (i.e., my ego).
So today I dutifully return to my beautiful wife/beautiful home, Versions Galore hopefully with some renewed vigor.
Once In A Lifetime oddly enough will always remind me of Hawaii. Like a lot of music in the 80s the first time I heard the The Talking Heads is when I actually saw The Talking Heads on MTV. This particular time was on a family vacation in Maui, where like, a totally bored adolescent me decided to flip on the TV in the rented flat only to be greeted with what looked as if Buddy Holly had been left in the dryer for too long. Hypnotized, I watched as David Byrne spazzed, jerked and engaged in strange hand signals in time to repetitions of ‘Same as it ever was’. There my little 10 year old mind was blown and the same uncontrollable pop culture instincts that took over my body two years previously with breakdancing had now been re-awakened again. To the bewilderment of my parents (a common state with them), the remainder of the vacation was spent with me twitching and flinching and karate chopping my arms. I may have thought I was David Byrne, but, dressed head to toe in 80s Maui & Sons surfwear instead of a 3 piece suit, I looked more like Spiccolli with a mild case of epilepsy.
You may find your self in a timeshare condo indeed.

So would be Head-hunters for today include two abstract electronic versions from NYC; a brilliant one via Chico Mann the other a close second from Plumbline.
Also in an electronic vein is a tidy little minimal techno version from The Slacksons (here re-titled as Same As It Ever Was).
And lastly is a calypso rendition that only Belafonte could love from cover cut-ups Big Daddy.

Chico Mann – Once In A Lifetime
Plumbline – Once In A Lifetime
The Slacksons – Same As It Ever Was
Big Daddy – Once in a Lifetime