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Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Alt hip hop flavor of the month and runner up for the world’s filthiest mouth
Tyler the Creator get’s the coverage treatment today. Tyler and his Odd Future collective have been hailed as the second coming by anyone within sniffing distance of Hypebeast what with them also being quite the talented streetwear and graphic designers (of which yours truly is acutally a fan). That said he also has his fair share of detractors due to his colorful language and misogynistic lyrics.
Well here’s something I think they both can enjoy; a funky straight ahead instrumental jazz medley of Tyler’s Nightmare and Yonkers from hard hitting Toronto trio BadBadNotGood.
For those who miss his insightful and often poignant lyrics, feel free to rap along “I’m a fuckin’ walkin’ paradox…”

BadBadNotGood – Nightmare/Yonkers


PS Lucky M%^#^!F^%#$!s of Thee Versions Galore Fanclub, got a bonus track and the originals on the wall for you…

Miracle Workers

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Chances are if you’ve ever heard the The Beastie Boys or anything produced by Dr. Dre then you’ll recognize the signature buzz and break opening to The Jackson SistersI Believe Miracles. Not to be confused with Janet, LaToya or Jermaine, The Jackson Sisters were a Detroit-based (by way of Compton) soul group who enjoyed some minor recognition during the mid 70s. While only having one album and a couple of singles under their belt before vanishing back into the mahogany, a decade and some change later they enjoyed a resurgence via the UK rare groove scene and subsequently Miracles becoming a b-boy sampling favorite.
Believers for today include The Dynamics and their reggae-disco hustle rendition, a spry Cubano cut via Sunlightsquare Latin Combo and a focused intrumental break version from the always welcome El Michels Affair. Also today are two straight ahead soul cuts from Japan’s Indigo Jam Unit & Flexlife as well a rare cut by Miracles original co-penner Mark Capanni.

The Dynamics – I Believe In Miracles
Sunlightsquare Latin Combo – I Believe In Miracles
El Michels Affair And Friends – I Believe In Miracles
Indigo Jam Unit & Flexlife – I Believe In Miracles
Mark Capanni – I Believe In Miracles


PS Those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub wishing to avoid disapproving glares of rare groove vinyl merchants wearing dodgy second hand corduroy, we got the original on the wall for you…

Suicidal Behavior

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

By the early 80s the Sex Pistol’s Anarchy In The UK seemed a million miles away for us bored middle class Californian teens. Politics was personal, and whether it was out of sheer convenience or self centered angst we our wanted anarchy here; In the suburbs, at the mall and curbside next to our skateboards. So if ever there was an anthem for ‘Hey Mom/Dad, stay the %$#@ out of my room!’ it’s this one; Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies.
But today in Versions Bizzaro-land the indignant SoCal punk anthem has been replaced by two lounge versions; a hilarious campy cabaret rendition by Kiki & Herb and a bad tux and cocktail-worthy cover by Black Velvet Flag.

Kiki & Herb – Institutionalized
Black Velvet Flag – Institutionalized


PS Those sporting emo haircuts in Thee Versions Galore Fanclub who weren’t even a twinkle in their mom’s nose ring when the original came out, got it hanging on the wall for you…

Workin’ It

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

If they’re lucky, some songs may get that one good catchy catchphrase that’ll get tossed around for an entire summer i.e., ‘Get Your Freak On!’, ‘I Wanna Rock!’, ‘P-p-p-okerface! GaGa Uhma GaGa’ (Hey, I didn’t necessarily say they were always good songs)
Anyway unlike most,I always felt R&B rumpshaker No Diggity, by Blackstreet, contained a veritable goldmine of one-liners. Most of the 90s was spent making that coy face where you squint your eyes, bite your bottom lip, throw down some pointy fingers and poorly croon ‘No Diggity, No Doubt’ or ‘I Like The Way You Work It’ or even ‘Hey-O Hey-O Hey-O Hey-OOOOOO’ (pointy fingers pointing skyward for that last one).
Damn I miss 90s hip hop. Parties, wherein lots of white people are dancing, just haven’t been the same without it.
So put your hands in the air for 3 soul-ful versions of No Diggity; a brassy marching band rendition from Versions faves The Hackney Colliery Band, a dub step influenced cut from Chet Faker (James Blake fans grab this), and lastly one from indie darlings Klaxons who prove they either have soul or a good sense of humor (or possibly both).

The Hackney Colliery Band – No Diggity
Chet Faker – No Diggity
Klaxons – No Diggity