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☞ The End

Well folks, as the title implies this here’s the end.
It pains me to no great measure to have to retire Versions Galore my little glorified hobby, but ‘the man’ has made it fairly untenable by, yet again, yanking all my links.
The prospect of finding yet another new storage service is rather moot too, as some seem to relish playing cat and mouse as a fulltime job.
For the mouse however, it’s become beyond irritating and it’s time to move on.
A big tearful thanks to all my regular followers; Pauline, Iha, Ste, Stella, Jonder, Marco and others (sorry if I’ve forgotten you) and to everyone else that dropped by.

Thanks for a fun filled 4 years…
Leopold Stotch

PS For those that liked reading my rambling(or just enjoyed the pretty pictures) I’ll leave the site up for a little while, ditto for those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub

31 Responses to “☞ The End”

  1. jojo Says:

    it was wonderful follow you this time, read you, and enjoy the music.
    Thank you very much, hopefully we will find you again in the future in any corner of the world.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Sad to hear this, loved your blog for a long time. Thanks for all the great tunes! Will always think of you when I hear versions of Get Out My Life, Woman.

  3. Eric Says:

    You will be missed!

  4. Jacqueline S Says:

    NON! non! non!
    These terrible day!
    I have like your blog for long time.
    Je suis très triste 🙁


  5. Marguerite Says:

    ciao maestro!!

  6. Big Ed Dunkel Says:

    I tip my hat to you, sad as I feel when I read your post. It’s been amazing to follow your blog and enjoy great music. Thank you. I hope to catch you again online. As the French say to show genuine appreciation: “Chapeau”.

  7. Bosk Says:

    Sad to hear that. I just used to lurk and follow your blog, after finding a link on another deep digging site. Many a revelation had here, and has spurred a similar interest myself. And your graphics are top-notch – am a designer myself, and I liked the audio and visual surprises. Many thanks dude.

  8. Ceri Says:

    Can you not just make a mailing list…?! You have kept me going in a virtual way. Please consider. Email provided.

  9. Jon Says:

    Sorry you had to stop. Thanks for some great music (and pictures). My favourite was the instrumental version of “The Message”. Best wishes to you.

  10. Ste Says:

    Damn! Well I’m sure me and many others would love it if you reconsidered or even updated not as often if that helped. Sorry to hear they keep busting your balls. Hope to see you online again.

  11. Jeff Says:

    I’ve had Version’s Galore bookmarked for a long time, stopping by every day. Whether I downloaded the music or not, I always found your ramblings entertaining. I will miss your influence on my music.

  12. MANSTA Says:

    No, no, NO!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s not fair Leo! We love your site, it’s unique, it’s enjoyable, it’s highly professional! Please reconsider! We’ll keep on checking everyday!
    BIG love from Greece!

  13. Colin Says:

    This is a sad day indeed but I completely understand your motives. However, take heart in the fact that your site brought considerable pleasure and insight to a huge number of music fans who would never have discovered the music without you. I particularly enjoyed the reggae and dub versions as well as your great affinity for Nouvelle Vague. My best wishes and good luck in all your future endeavors.

  14. fongolia Says:

    Aw, I heard the news today, oh boy. Sorry to hear the end of Versions Galore. Thanks for the years of sweet coverage and take care!

  15. E-mile Says:

    LS, sorry to hear this little mouse genius has left the building…
    I must thank you for all the good times here at Versions Galore and your excellent
    taste in artwork [ 🙂 (d’uh!)
    let’s hope we”ll meet again out there sometime in this universe…
    all the best & peace,

  16. Marco On The Bass Says:

    Oh wow! I’m so sorry to hear this. VG was a regular stop for me and the site turned me on to so much great music. One of the best music blogs on the Interwebs. Thanks for the opportunity to help celebrate your 4th Birthday a few months back. I really enjoyed pulling that play list together. You will be missed! Hope you resurface again someehere soon. Let’s stay in touch.

  17. jonder Says:

    Count me as another of the broken-hearted regulars who hope that you will find another forum somehow, somewhere to share your talent again. I have enjoyed your writing, your artwork, and your taste in music ever since you introduced yourself out here in the blogosphere. I will continue to treasure some of the many gems that you gathered here for us — rare things that I never would have encountered on my own, like the Polish version of “Jockey Full of Bourbon” or the lovely French cover of “No, No, No”. I know that for a long time to come, I will hear a song and think to myself, “Leo could write a great post about that one!” Best wishes. It’s been great knowing you!

  18. jonder Says:

    PS – is that you in the picture with the ear goggles?

  19. Pauline Says:

    Say it ain’t so-the BEST blog out there, my most favorite.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you- four years of great writing, curating, amazing artwork, and for all the music and musicians you turned me onto, and most of all for taking the time to share with us.
    I’m so sad.

  20. Tom G Says:

    Happy trails compadre. Thanks for the music, and don’t be a stranger!

  21. raphnolo Says:

    bad news for us …. but moving on is never a bad thing …. thanks and farewell

  22. Bill Says:

    But…but…I just found this place!

  23. neilawanui Says:

    what a shame i ve been a follower of your site for ages – I esp like all the reggae versions you upload ….love your eclectic tastes and bibliographic musical knowlege – WELL DONE !

  24. Frank Jaffa Says:


  25. FASTI Says:

    I.m Sad

  26. Harry Says:

    That sucks, plain n simple. Many thanks for everything – the treasures like your wee lickle effort are being hounded out by the man when all you’re really guilty of is bringing life to obscure wonders enjoyed by a tiny minority. It was harmless. Fvck you, the man…

  27. Leopold Stotch/Versions Galore Says:

    Thanks everyone
    Sorry to have to go, B U M M E D

    BTW Going away present coming soon for those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub:

    If you’re not a member now is ironically better late than never to join 🙂

  28. nik Says:

    So sad to see you go, I’ve loved this site since very early days indeed. God luck with all your future endeavours…

  29. Juancle Says:

    Sad day for music lovers…
    Great site, great songs, great covers and great pics.

    Thanks for all…

    But keep going! You know, when a door closes…

  30. don Says:

    Sorry to hear this. Love the Blog!
    Thanks for the awesome work!

  31. angel Says:

    Oh, no, the best blog!!!!!!!!!!!! Vuelve por favor, te esperamos otra vez!!!

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