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Flashback Friday:Pretty Fly

Friday, September 21st, 2012

It’s Flashback Friday time again. So today we’re setting the Versions wayback machine for, well, really only about a year ago, when we ran a rather fat post on Human Fly by late great psychobilly pioneers The Cramps (and where I also rambled on at length about the importance of a good T-shirt). So here’s a few new cuts, a few we missed and a few I was finally able to get my little black gloves on.
Right off the bat was one I believe came shortly after the original post, a great dirty lo-fi garage version by Hanni El Khatib (on Jamie Strong’s also ridiculously great and somewhat new-ish label Innovative Leisure). Next are two cute, 1-woman, minimal experimental renditions from France; one by the  hotness that is Drunken C & Madame B, the other from mysterious Homme Jasmin. Also getting weird is Germany’s Sankt Otten, who put their collection of vintage analog synths to good use. And lastly is Japanese Cramps tribute act Tokyo Cramps. All in all a fairly straightforward Cramps cover but with the added charm of hearing them sing ‘I’m a Humanu Fu-rye!’.

Hanni El Khatib – Human Fly
Drunken C & Madame B – Human Fly
Homme Jasmin – Human Fly
Sankt Otten – Human Fly
Tokyo Cramps – Human Fly

Check out the original post here… 


PS Reborn maggots of Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fan Club who missed out on the original the first time round, back on the wall it goes…


Pretty Fly

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Y’know, I wore a lot of questionable/random shirts in my early teens. And those stylistic choices more often than not guaranteed all sorts of unwanted attention. It was as if whenever I left the house I wore a giant neon sign on me that said ‘Will Dress For Insults’. When I wore Hawaiian shirts: “Nice shirt F-GG-T! Where’s Tubbs?!?!?!”, a Peter Tosh T-shirt: “Take a bath ya HIPPY!”, a Maui & Sons shirt: “Surf’s Up KOOK!”, a Morrissey shirt:“Oh boo hoo, just go KILL yourself already ya big girl’s blouse!”: my Alien Sex Fiend shirt “WHAT IN GOD’S GOOD NAME…Sir please get THE HELL out of our restaurant/store/county, we don’t want your business”.
Thankfully, and somewhat oddly, there was one shirt in my arsenal that totally elicited the complete opposite effect; my Cramps ‘Bad Music For Bad People’ shirt (which looked something like this). With the pompadour, googly eyes, a menstrual-tastic band name and the ‘bad people’ tag one would think this would be a heckler’s buffet table. Yet instead from the unlikeliest of sources I would get; mini head nod from the record store clerk “Cool shirt, bro”, hesher wearing a Zeppelin tee “Whoah, that’s badass dude, Maiden RULES!!!”, old man on the bus “Say that’s a neat shirt son. Did I ever tell you about the time I met Boris Karlof…”. In fact it was also that very Cramps shirt that I  singlehandedly credit to helping the nerdy young me lose my virginity to some hot, older (sophomore in HS) rocker girl “Omygod I just LOOOOOOOVE your shirt!”. And for all those reasons, most likely the latter, I must have worn that magical shirt from 8th grade down to it’s last stinky, sweat-stained thread by freshmen year at college.
Funny enough years later, while working for some well known street artist with presidential pull, I was able to design a tribute of sorts to my long lost friend…
Yes but did you dig The Cramps? But of course, and still do. Besides being the the original king (RIP Lux Interior) and queen of covers, nary a day goes by without me still singing some of their own homespun compositions like Surfin’ Dead, Garbageman or today’s pestilent cover ditty, Human Fly.
As you’ll notice below, I love every cover blog’s wet dream, Nouvelle Vague and their clunky, western-ish version. FYI they love to go all out when they play it live some be sure grab a couple (or all) of those. There was also another French femme fatal, Dragibus as well as two more female fronted electronic cuts from late great Output Records‘ loudish Sonovac and an even louder Anakissed/Parasite.
Also off the beaten path is a Hammond/Wurlitzer-sounding driven garage instrumental from Das Aldi Combo. Kudos to The Horse Flies who take off into even more uncharted territory with some experimental Americana/bluegrass takes. Somewhat on that same tip is two Tom Waits meets Jon Spencer in the swamp renditions from Harp Explosion and The Dead Brothers.
The next pair may sound redundant but Ubangi 4 and Mad Sin inject a bit more rockabilly/psychobilly in their Flys than their predecessor.
And at the tail end of the life span here we have a few standard garage cuts from The Cavemen, Crestfallen, Fuzztones, Steve Wynn (ex-Dream Syndicate) and Supernaut as well as some predictably louder, thrashier, covers from Blessure Grave, Halo of Flies and K.G.G.M.

Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Amsterdam 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Aula Magna 2007)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Barcelona 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Birmingham 2007)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Bordeaux 2010)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Dortmund 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Dresden 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Live Acoustic 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Live iTunes Session)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Manchester 2007)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Montpellier 2006)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Paris 2006)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Paris 2007)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Rome 2010)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Salt Lake City 2010)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Stockholm 2008)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Strasbourg 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Studio 105 Live Session 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Tivoli 2009)
Nouvelle Vague – Human Fly (Vienna 2009)
Dragibus – Human Fly
Sonovac – Human Fly
Anakissed/Parasite – Human Fly

Das Aldi Combo – Human Fly
The Horse Flies – Human Fly
The Horse Flies – Human Fly (Live)
Harp Explosion – Human Fly
The Dead Brothers – Human Fly

Ubangi 4 – Human Fly
Mad Sin – Human Fly

The Cavemen – Human Fly
Crestfallen – Human Fly
Fuzztones – Human Fly (Live)
Steve Wynn – Human Fly
Supernaut – Human Fly

Blessure Grave – Human Fly
Halo of Flies – Human Fly
K.G.G.M. – Human Fly


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