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Superstitious Behavior

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

For the most part I don’t consider myself superstitious about anything; No black cats, no ghosts, no bigfoots, no ufos and no books involving talking snakes and zombie messiahs (though when put that way that last one sounds kind of rad). I do however have a few borderline one that are probably more a case of bad OCD than anything else. ‘Fours’ of anything are to be avoided (Japanese bad luck number), when pumping gas the final tally has to be rounded up (i.e., $60 instead of $59.82), and I’ve been known to get all kind of Joan Crawford-y about ball point pens being in the house. Anyway those are my weirdo quirks. What are yours?
I do know of one person who IS superstitious, and that’s Stevie Wonder. No ladders. No broken glass. Hell the man even hates “Thirteen month old bab(ies)”, as all outlaid in his classic Superstition.
Today we got a cauldron of Versions Galore handpicked cautious folk. Leading with faves, I’m really digging a rare Jamaican funk/reggae cover by Blooblo, a lo-fi funk version from the always brilliant Yesterdays New Quintet, a ‘far out there, man’ psychedelic one from ‘the Quad-father’ Hugo Montenegro, a lounge/Vegas version from Mel Torme, and what sounds like what happens when you mix too much Colt 45 and Robitussin from Dimthings.
Next set I’m loving is a set of soul sister Superstitions from the Saigon Show Band, Shirley Scott and Estelle.
And last, but certainly not least, the remaining are handful of of funk and soul renditions that give old Stevie a run for his braid beads.

Blooblo – Superstition
Yesterdays New Quintet – Superstition
Hugo Montenegro – Superstition
Mel Torme – Superstition
Dimthings – Superstition

Saigon Show Band – Superstition
Shirley Scott – Superstition
Estelle – Superstition

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77 – Superstition
Peter Nero – Superstition
Fred Goodtaste (AKA Fred Bongusto) – Superstition
Ahmad Jamal – Superstition
Charles Kynard – Superstition
Leon Spencer – Superstition
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass – Superstition
Quincy Jones – Superstition


PS Bonus Stevie beats for those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub, you know where to look…