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We’ve turned 4!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

As I’ve bitched, whined, moaned and lamented many a time here on this blog, had I not decided (somewhat arbitrarily) on cover versions, Versions Galore could have easily been an electronic music site. To be specific it would have focused on all manner of Balearic; classic house/acid house, cosmic disco, Giorgio Moroder, MADdchester, re-edits and pretty much everything short of the toenail clippings of great Andrew Weatherall. That was until I did a little pre-blog leg work and, lo, discovered that today’s selector The Acid House had already beaten me to it. That said Tim Acidhouse has been a regular visitor at Versions pretty much since day one, even being the first to go out on a limb and offer me a guest DJ spot (on his brilliant but short lived side project Together in Eclectic Dreams). Well today, many years later, better late than dead, I finally get the chance to return the favor.

Here is his mix:

And here is what he had to say:

When Leopold asked me to do a covers selection for Versions Galore it had me scratching my head thinking what to choose, while I like listening to a cover version I don’t actually collect many of them, and to make it more challenging some of my favourites had already been included in previous guest selections, namely the awesome Only Love Can Break Your Heart covered by St Etienne and Dear Prudence a childhood favourite covered by Siouxsie and the Banshees. So I thought I would trawl the shelves and find some covers of classic house, disco, rock and indie from a much loved era in my life. Meandering from a classic uk acid cover by The Fairey Brass Band, a house cover of Bohannans Lets Start The Dance Again, Simon Dupree’s Kites which Ultraviolet’s dance cover was championed by some emerging DJ called Sasha during the early 90s, through to the slightly uncomfortable but equally compelling electronic version of The Smiths – A Light That Never Goes Out, and ending on the dubby pop remake by Moodswings of Jon and Vangelis State of Independence aided by a somewhat overused sample in the late 80s and early 90’s but incredibly powerful speech of Martin Luther King. This is the covers selection by The Acid House.

01. The Fairey Brass Band – Voodoo Ray (A Guy Called Gerald)
02. Izit – Stories (The Chakachas’)
03. The Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letters (Shuggy Otis)
04. Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watch Tower (Bob Dylan)
05. Studio – Love on a Real Train (Tangerine Dream)
06. Jah Division – Transmission (Joy Division)
07. Ultraviolet – Kites (Simon Dupree and The Big Band Sound )
08. The Doves – Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones)
09. Sabres of Paradise – Smoke Belch II (LB Bad – New age of faith)
10. Schnieder TM – The Light 3000 (The Smiths)
11. Creative Source – Who Is He (Bill Withers)
12. Sir Stephen – Let’s Dance Again (Bohannon)
13. George Alexandra feat Big John Whitfield – Promise Land (Joe Smooth)
14. Tiedye – Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)
15. Nouvelle Vague – Our Lips Are Sealed (Fun Boy Three)
16. Moodswings – Spiritual High MLK version (Jon & Vangelis)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


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