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Cloudy Future

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

So today’s post I actually put to a vote by asking a handful of friends: When a band re-visits one of their classics in a new fashion, is it still considered a ‘cover’? Instead of lenthy postmodern replies laden with nerd words like ‘meta-narrative’, the response was more a resounding ‘Fuckit, it’s like YOUR blog dude’. Hurrah for the yes-friends! Which of course means hurrah for you as I’ve got 2 covers of Little Fluffy Clouds from The Orb by The Orb. And how very Orb (AKA Alex Paterson)-like, being the consument techno/ambient prankster that he is, to not only re-interpret (twice!) his best known track but to take the piss as well. First up is Grey Clouds which The Orb substitutes Rickie Lee Jones’ cloud chatter with cockney comedian/alter ego Alan Parker on Britain’s lovely weather. And next is someone I’m sure Patterson has been wetting his baggy Balearic trousers to work with his whole life; genius reggae producer and 53 cards short of a deck mad man, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Similar to the Parker track, Perry’s ramblings replace Jones’ but over a radically reworked version. Incidentally Rickie Lee Jones was titillated at being sampled on the original version, and called off her record companies attempts at suing The Orb for unauthorized samples.
Oh and Orb aside we’ve also got a fun, and rather dramatic sounding classical version from the eponymously-named Instrumental.

The Orb feat Alan Parker – Grey Clouds (AKA Little Fluffy Clouds)
The Orb feat Lee Scratch Perry – Golden Clouds (AKA Little Fluffy Clouds)
Instrumental – Little Fluffy Clouds


PS Those in Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub still wondering what the skys were like when we were young, got the original on the wall for you…