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Top Of The Pops

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Up to my receding hairline with the day job, so today’s entry is going to be both pithy and brief:
Public Image Ltd (PiL) were a million times better than the Sex Pistols. Fact.
• Got 5 leftfield/experimental/odd indie cuts of PiL’s postpunk pièce de résistance Poptones; Tropics Of Cancer (sweet, lo-fi, bossanova-esque, Japanese-ish), The King Of Luxembourg (atmospheric, Eno-ish), A Group (weird, slow torch song-eque), Jared Louche (dark cabaret-like) and China Girl (experimental/8bit-ish/also cute).

The Tropics Of Cancer – Poptones
The King Of Luxembourg – Poptones
A Group – Poptones
Jared Louche – Poptones
China Girl – Poptones 


PS Hipster kiddies of Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub who weren’t even close to being born in 1979 (let alone ’89) and thus needing some necessary street cred to go with those Acne slim cuts and fancy cardigans from Opening Ceremony, got the original on the wall for you 🙂