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Flashback Friday:Hey I’m Walking Here…

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Flashback Friday again and this time I managed to assemble a tidy addendum to my 2008 post on Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed.
Really diggin this fairly basic indie/mandolin version from Australia’s late Yves Klein Blue as well a a great French avant garde jazz cover by Le Tigre des Platanes. More jazzier cuts abound from Japanese nu-jazz outfit RF, another by RDM featuring Editors oddly enough on vocals, and Pink Turtle returns with another swinging Cotton Club/Cabaret rendition. Taking a walk on the weird side is an experimental glitchy electronic version from Pretty Beuys. And lastly a pair of relics; an 80s R&B/Freestyle one from Company B (yes the ones that sang Fascinated!) and a 70s moog inflected one from Australia’s answer to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reg Livermore AKA The Betty Blokk Buster Follies.

Yves Klein Blue – Walk On The Wild Side
Le Tigre des Platanes – Walk On The Wild Side
RF – Walk On The Wild Side
RDM featuring Editors – Walk On The Wild Side
Pink Turtle – Walk On The Wild Side
Pretty Beuys – Walk On The Wild Side
Company B – Walk On The Wild Side
Reg Livermore AKA The Betty Blokk Buster Follies – Walk On The Wild Side

Check out the original post here…


PS For my more nu-disco minded friends of Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fanclub have a nice little re-edit/remix on the wall for y’all…


Hey I’m Walking Here!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Wikipedia sums up today’s entry quite tidily:

Walk on the Wild Side is a Lou Reed song from his 1972 second solo album Transformer. It was produced by David Bowie. The song received wide radio coverage, despite its touching on topics such as transsexuality, drugs, male prostitutes and oral sex and the term “colored” to refer to African Americans.

The lyrics tell of a series of individuals and their journeys to New York City, and is a thinly-veiled biography of several of the regular “superstars” at Andy Warhol’s New York studio, The Factory, namely Holly Woodlawn, Candy Darling, Joe Dallesandro, Jackie Curtis and Joe Campbell (referred to in the song by his nickname Sugar Plum Fair.

Everybody loves a shout out eh? Today’s Wild Side transformers are are quite an eclectic lot. Starting off is my pick of the day, DJ Disse, whose instrumental downtempo version is loaded with lot’s of nice dubby effects. More jazzy downtempo goodness also comes from the likes of Arcoiris and Andre Caccarelli and Stephy Haik.
Stuttgart ska stalwarts, No Sports remake theres as a beach side reggae number.
If I had a second pick for today it would most certainly be Albert Pla and his nice little Spanish acoustic version El Lado Mas Bestia De La Vida.
Some more laid back versions come from ex-D Generation glam punker Jesse Malin and Tok Tok Tok, whose acoustic-soul version gets nice little back beat courtesy of some human beatboxing.
Nothing sounds as charming as French girls who sing in English, and Mrs. Depp aka Vanessa Paradis purrs through hers rather sweetly.
If laid back aint your bag we have a few get up and dance versions. You can either bust out your bellbottoms for Herbie Mann‘s disco number or slather yourself in Vicks and jack to the sound of a surprising acid house version from Charm. Or if those are little to upbeat, you can light up a clove and dance to till your steel plated Mad Max boots fall off with Un-4-Scene‘s EBM version.
Some great live versions are here too from The Strokes, late great Clash founder Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, as well as a Peel Session from early UK punks The Skids.
And lastly we have 80’s europops Coco M and a great WTF?!?! version from German entertainer Gerty Molzen who recorded her 1984 version at the sprightly age of 79.

DJ Disse – Walk On The Wild Side
Arcoiris – Walk On The Wild Side
Andre Caccarelli and Stephy Haik –
Walk On The Wild Side
No Sports –
Walk On The Wild Side
Albert Pla – El Lado Mas Bestia De La Vida (Walk On The Wild Side)
Jesse Malin –
Walk On The Wild Side
Tok Tok Tok –
Walk On The Wild Side
Vanessa Paradis –
Walk On The Wild Side
Herbie Mann –
Walk On The Wild Side
Charm –
Walk On The Wild Side
Un-4-Scene –
Walk On The Wild Side
The Strokes –
Walk On The Wild Side (Live)
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Walk On The Wild Side (Live at St. Ann’s, Brooklyn)
The Skids – Walk On The Wild Side (Peel Session)
Coco M – Walk On The Wild Side
Gerty Molzen – Walk On The Wild Side