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Flashback Friday:Pretty Fly

Friday, September 21st, 2012

It’s Flashback Friday time again. So today we’re setting the Versions wayback machine for, well, really only about a year ago, when we ran a rather fat post on Human Fly by late great psychobilly pioneers The Cramps (and where I also rambled on at length about the importance of a good T-shirt). So here’s a few new cuts, a few we missed and a few I was finally able to get my little black gloves on.
Right off the bat was one I believe came shortly after the original post, a great dirty lo-fi garage version by Hanni El Khatib (on Jamie Strong’s also ridiculously great and somewhat new-ish label Innovative Leisure). Next are two cute, 1-woman, minimal experimental renditions from France; one by the  hotness that is Drunken C & Madame B, the other from mysterious Homme Jasmin. Also getting weird is Germany’s Sankt Otten, who put their collection of vintage analog synths to good use. And lastly is Japanese Cramps tribute act Tokyo Cramps. All in all a fairly straightforward Cramps cover but with the added charm of hearing them sing ‘I’m a Humanu Fu-rye!’.

Hanni El Khatib – Human Fly
Drunken C & Madame B – Human Fly
Homme Jasmin – Human Fly
Sankt Otten – Human Fly
Tokyo Cramps – Human Fly

Check out the original post here… 


PS Reborn maggots of Thee Versions Galore Facebook Fan Club who missed out on the original the first time round, back on the wall it goes…